Monday, 5 March 2012

China's Great Firewall is about to Crack Down?

China is one of the countries that has the largest netizens in the world, however China is also the largest information controlling state.Everything on the internet is monitored and controlled by government authorities. The government authorities have the ability block unwanted site and web content. It has more extensive and more advanced tools for internet censorship than other countries. It's internet censorship is conducted by internet government internet regulation agency and state law. Chinese government enforce the internet censorship filtering by using 5 major methods which are IP blocking, DNS filtering and redirection, URL filtering, packet filtering, and connection reset. People are ironically calling these internet censorship filtering the Great Firewall of China, which is used for blocking information from outside world and prevent Chinese nitizens to access to outside information freely,  it is absolutely an challenge to each individual's rights of freedom.

In recent day from the event of inundating Obama's Google +  by Chinese nitizens, we can see the sign of small changing in internet filtering. As we know that world leading search engine company Google was pulled out from China in 2009, because the company can not suffer from Chinese authorities' law about filtering sensitive information in the search result. Unfortunately, not only Google, the world most used websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are also blocked by the Great Firewall. Chinese nitizens can only use some software to cross China's Great Firewall in order to access to "sensitive information". Even thought that Chinese government are using
 technologies to filtering sensitive websites, but it is still hard to stop people to "cross" if they really want to. Perhaps is the authorities forgot to block Google+ or some other reasons, people found out that they can access to Google+ without using software last month. It is a good news for them. But, unfortunately Obama's Google+ home page is filled out fully by Chinese nitizens' comments recent day, and most comments are expressed the will of enjoying information freedom in China for a short period of time. By reading most comments that have been posted on Obama's Google+ page, we can clear see that the strong desire of Chinese people for demanding information freedom, and the anger of the information filtering which is conducted by Chinese government. Well, the majority internet users are pointing out that the way how government authorities did is against the social norms and internet ethics. Personally, I hope Chinese government can abandon its way to restrict people to access website freely. And I believe that day will eventually come, since more and more Chinese realize that the importance of internet freedom is a basic desire and right for human beings.




title:  Chinese 'netizens' inundate Obama's Google+ page

Internet censorship in the People's Republic of China

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